On a Masai Mara tours you will notice that The Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya! Consider this a gem in the heart of the Rift Valley that has attracted thousands if not millions of tourists ever since it was gazette as a national reserve. The Masai Mara National reserve is simply referred to as The Mara by the locals. It is located in Narok County an area traditionally inhabited by the world famous Maa people.

Similarly, the Masai Mara bordering the Serengeti in Tanzania showcases one of the worlds greatest phenomenal –the annual wildebeest migration. On a Masai Mara tours during migration you will experience this phenomenal. This phenomenal has over the years attracted a barrage of local and international tourists, researchers and enthusiast to witness the migration every year.

Additionally, the Masai Mara tours is popular for its other inhabitants such as the members of the big five: lions, plus a host of other animals such as the Leopards, Gazelles and cheetahs among others. It’s good to mention that the Masai Mara was named in honor of the maa people. It’s every wish for any tour company in Kenya such as Bamm Tours and Safaris Limited to continually offer these great tours to a great location, we are no exception. Ideally, a yearning and curious heart is required when going on a Masai Mara tours. The national reserve was established in 1961 as a wildlife sanctuary. The Mara Is roughly 1510 square Kilometers (580 sq miles)

The Masai Mara tours  terrain is composed of open grasslands coupled with seasonal streams. Distinctive Acacia trees are visibly dotted all over the park. As you will discover after taking a tour with a tour company Kenya, The Masai Mara wildlife is mainly found on the western escarpments. However, the great wildebeest migration at the Masai Mara involves about 1.5 million animals making their entry in July and departing in November. Isn’t that incredible. Well, we have had numerous opportunity to witness such phenomenal and we’d also love you to accompany us in our next Masai Mara tours.

Of course, for the big five lovers, you can be sure to witness a couple or the entire army in their own natural settings. If you are lucky like most tour company Kenya offering masai mara tours, you will get to be thrilled by the live unedited action that inhabit the reserve all year round. You will get to see the giraffes swiftly dancing around or experience the dance of death between the predator mammals and their preys. In some instances an elephant might just cross the rough terrain before your very eyes. If you are a pun lovers, you might be lucky to come up with one with the sight of a Zebra crossing.

Our regular Masai Mara tours take locals and foreign guest on a wonderful road trip with one of a tour designated Minivans or off road vehicles or a bus depending on the number of travelers. Alternatively, you can access the Masai Mara through two all-weather airstrips namely Kichwa Tembo and Mara Serena, as well as Keekorok airstrip on the other side of Masai Mara tours

As a tour company Kenya, there are a myriad of activities you can involve yourself in at the tour of The Masai Mara national reserve such as Game viewing, drives, hot air balloons tours, visiting cultural villages, bush diners or camping. The Masai Mara reserve is always a great place to enjoy and a tour company Kenya such as ourselves would love to take you!